Vagabond Mobile Home Park in St Petersburg, Florida - an all-age family mobile home park




Frequently Asked Questions - Vagabond Mobile Home Park
1. Q. What does it cost to rent a  mobile home at Vagabond Mobile Home Park?
A. Vagabond Mobile Home Park rates for an efficiency are in the range of $425/month.
Rent for a 1 bedroom mobile home is in the range  of $495 - $525 per month.
Lot rent, if applicable, is $309 per month.  
2.  Q. How much does it cost to move in?  
A.  Move-In Fees:     Application Fee $20 (per adult, may take 24 hours to process, non-refundable). 
                                      We check rent history and criminal background 
                                      Application fees will be applied to the price upon acceptance
                                      Total move-in cost runs approx. $795 - $825
                                      Security Deposit: $300
                                      First Month's Rent: Varies on the trailer
                                      Water/Sewer/Garbage/Mowing is a minimum of $34 per month
                                      Units can be purchased through our owner finance program with $500 down.
                                      Home payment is $150/month plus $289 for lot rent, total $439 until unit is paid off
3. Q. Are pets allowed at Vagabond Mobile Home Park?
A. Cats  are allowed.  Weight limit 20 lbs.,  $100 pet deposit required.  No dogs allowed after 10-1-14.
4. Q. Do I have to sign a lease?
A. Yes.  A six month lease is required.
5. Q. Do you have any two-bedroom mobile homes for rent?
A. Not at this time.  We have nothing larger than an unfurnished one-bedroom home available.
6. Q. What are your office hours?       
A. Monday - Friday  10am to 5pm.  
Saturdays by appointment only.  Closed on Sundays.
7. Q. What happens if something in my rental home needs repair?
A. Vagabond Mobile Home Park has 2 excellent maintenance men.
You can call Bob or come to the office for maintenance requests.
8. Q. Is Vagabond Mobile Home Park only for people 55+ ?  
A. No.  Vagabond Mobile Home Park rents to families and people of all ages.
Q. Where is Vagabond Mobile Home Park located? 
9. A. Vagabond Mobile Home Park is located at 7570 46th Ave. N.,  St Petersburg, FL 33709
     See Map & Google Earth page for more info and directions

                     PHONE: 727-541-6766    Home page