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  • Where is your Park located?
    7570 46th Ave North St. Petersburg, FL 33709
  • Is a background check required to move in?
    Yes - we check for residential evictions and felony convictions. How much does that cost? $25.00 Per Person or $40.00 per couple.
  • Do I have to cut my own lawn?
    No, we have a lawn service which is included in the lot rent.
  • What are your office hours?
    Monday thru Friday 10am to 4pm
  • What is included in the lot rent?
    Lawn Care and Common Area Maintenance.
  • What happens if something in my home needs repaired?
    You are responsible for home repairs.
  • Do I have to sign a lease?
    A one year lease is required for the lot.
  • Is The Mobile Home Park only for people 55+ ?
    No. The Mobile Home Park is a community of people of all ages.
  • Are pets allowed at the Mobile Home Park?
    Yes, but we do not allow dogs in the park.
  • Do you have any mobile homes available for sale now?
    Please call for availability.
  • Do you have any mobile homes for rent?
  • Do you offer any amenities?
    On site Laundry Room, Rec Hall, and Shuffle Board Courts
  • Are utilities included in the lot rent?
    No. Water and Sewer charged based on usage.
  • How much is the Lot Rent?
    Lot rent is $435.00 per month
  • Do you have security personnel?
    No – Management Lives on Property.
  • Can we rent a mobile home?
    No – We are a community of home owners.
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